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May 15 359'0 360'6 356'6 358'4 -1'0 358'6s 03:17P Chart for @C5K
Jul 15 362'0 363'4 360'0 361'0 -1'6 361'2s 03:53P Chart for @C5N
Sep 15 369'2 369'6 366'4 367'6 -2'0 367'6s 02:53P Chart for @C5U
Dec 15 379'2 380'2 377'0 377'4 -2'4 377'6s 03:27P Chart for @C5Z
Mar 16 390'6 391'2 388'2 389'0 -2'4 389'0s 03:47P Chart for @C6H
May 16 397'6 398'6 396'0 396'4 -2'4 396'6s 03:47P Chart for @C6K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 15 968'0 984'0 966'6 983'6 14'4 983'0s 03:18P Chart for @S5K
Jul 15 964'6 978'6 962'6 977'2 11'4 976'2s 03:46P Chart for @S5N
Aug 15 958'2 972'4 958'2 970'6 10'4 969'4s 02:30P Chart for @S5Q
Sep 15 947'2 959'0 947'2 956'6 9'4 956'2s 01:30P Chart for @S5U
Nov 15 940'2 952'2 938'2 949'6 8'2 949'0s 03:23P Chart for @S5X
Jan 16 950'4 958'2 947'6 956'2 8'2 955'2s 01:30P Chart for @S6F
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TRUCKS FOR SALE AT NCC. Click on information below for details and contact info.

EVERYONE HAS A MOM. Remember her special day is May 10th. Happy Mother's Day. 

MAY IS BEEF MONTH. Thank you producers for the healthy, safe, delicious beef you provide.

CLOSED Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day. Please order early. 

NOW A CLIMATE PRO dealership. Click The Climate Corporation logo for information or contact your agronomist. 

"Agrisure Duracade* will only be accepted at our Adams, MN & LeRoy, MN Feed Mills as we have room for it. These varieties have not been approved for major export markets. Please keep these varieties segregated. 



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