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Carbon Credits

Have you recently started reducing your tillage or adding cover crops to your operation? If so, you can get rewarded up to $30/ton of sequestered carbon! To get started, take Truterra’s survey, which can be found at www.truterraag.com/carbon, to see if you are eligible.

Key Points:

  • Truterra only buys previous years credits, NOT future carbon credits. Therefore, if a farmer is wanting to sell carbon credits again next year, carbon credit prices will change based on the market.
  • Truterra will send the farmer the payment amount before needing to sign a contract agreeing to continue to share future data for the next 5 years (showing that the farmer is continuing the practice change).
  • Since the carbon credit program is privately-funded, publicly- funded programs such as EQIP and CSP can also be used.
  • There are no fees to the farmer.

Planned Timeline:

  • January 17 – Survey opens
  • February 28 – Survey closes
  • March 17 – Enrollment deadline
  • April 17 – Data collection deadline
  • April 28 – Data validation deadline
  • July – Contracts

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