Northern Country is a full-service agricultural cooperative offering a wide span of services from Seed and Fertilizer to Precision Ag and CPP.

Precision Ag

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • Variable Rate (VR) Fertilizer Application
    • 3 and 4 bin machines for true VR application of P and K with Sulfur
  • VR Seeding Recs
  • Yield Data Analysis
  • Aerial Flights – UAV Imagery, Plant Health, Non-Ag Flights
  • SMS Software – for data processing
  • Climate FieldView
  • EFC FieldAlytics – Data Management and Dispatching Software
  • Soil testing for soil borne pests, diseases, pathogens, and biofertility


  • Multiple Answer Acre Variety Plots
  • Customized recommendations for your farm
  • Winfield Answer Plots
  • Custom Seed Treating
    • Both our seed or yours
  • Farm Delivery


  • Products from all major manufacturers
  • Custom Application – Includes two high-clearance machines
  • Aerial Application options – Helicopter and Airplane
  • Farm Delivery
  • Package and Mini bulk shuttle packages


  • Bulk Spreading
  • Custom Seeding with Air Machine
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application 3 or 4 bin machines for true VR application of P and K with Sulfur
  • Top Dress
  • Custom NH3
  • Farm Delivery
  • Semi-Load Delivery
  • UAN rolling coulter cart rentals

Experienced, Engaged, Service-Minded

We are always working to improve our recommendations, with your success in mind. Follow along as we find out what is actually working, in our area and on your farm.