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 7/3/19    Weekly Agronomy Report
Field 1 (Soybeans planted the 15th of May)
Post of Flexstar GT was sprayed and a burn can be seen on older leaves. The chemical burn is nothing to be worried about, the new foliage shows no sign of damage and the burn only affects the top trifoliate leaf when it is applied. The stage of this field has moved from V3 to R1.
Field 2 (Corn planted the 15th of May)
Corn is about 46 inches tall and moved from V6 to V9. GDUs for this field have accumulated to 788. Tassel is approximately 21 days out.
Field 3 (Corn planted on the 25th of April)
Corn is approximately 6 feet tall and moved from  V9 to V13. Over the last week the corn has grown a total of 20 inches and tassel is estimated to happen in 15 days. So far this field has accumulated 891 GDUs.
Field 4 (Soybeans planted on the 4th of May)
This field was just recently sprayed and the volunteer corn is still green. A way to see if the volunteer corn is actually dying is to pull the whorl and look for a brown color. If it is white it is still a healthy growing plant.
Field 5 (Corn planted on the 6th of June)
This corn is 18 inches tall and has accumulated 532 GDUs. This field is behind on growth and has only gained approximately 7 inches.
*** Corn needs approximately 2700 GDU (growing degree units) to reach black layer

Location Current GDU Last year GDU
Alden 761 1213
Austin 732 1183
Stacyville 758 1186
Rose Creek 732 1183
(Calculated using May 1st as the starting day)


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