Northern Country Cooperative Company has feed mills located in Adams, LeRoy and Oakland, Minnesota offering patrons customized feed mixing and quality beef, dairy and swine products. Northern Country Coop and Land O' Lakes contracted to build a state of the art, high-tech feed plant in Adams, MN. This joint venture serves area commercial livestock producers in six counties. Site work at the Adams mill began in September 1998. The Oakland, MN location was acquired in September 1998. The Limited Liability Corporation was formed August 1, 1999. Plant production commenced at the Adams plant December 1999 and the LeRoy, MN location was acquired in 2008. In 2015 Northern Country Coop purchased Land O' Lakes shares of Northern Country Feeds, LLC.
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Output:  70 tons/hour max. 140,000 ton/year (based on 70tph x 8 hr/day, 250 days/yr).    
Grain Storage:  
380,000 bu. divided into 3 bins. Grain is conveyed to surge fin above rollermill
Datastor controls for receiving, mixing, routing, and loadout
Rollermill:  12x52 RMS rollermill rated at 35 ton/hr with room to add a9 x 36 mill.
Ingredient Bins:  808 tons divided into 23 bins (based on 35#/cu.ft.)
Receiving Cap:  7,500 cubic ft/hr, 130 ton/hr (based on 35#/cu.ft.)
Loadout Bins:  266 tons divided into 14 bins (based on 35#/cu.ft.)
Liquid Systems: (1) 16,000 gallon fat tank and (1) 1,000 gallon methionine
Micro Bins:  16 vins total, 4 on load cells, room to add 4 more. Micro system manufactured by Abel.
Warehouse:  32' x 120' dock high warehouse. This area includes the motor control center and break room.

Mixing System:  Major scale is 4 ton. Minor scale is 1 ton. 4 ton Hayes & Stoltz mixer w/surge bin.
Employees:  5 mill and 8 delivery.  (Delivery employees are shared between Adams and Oakland.)

Adams, MN
(507) 582-1071

Barb Bissen
data entry / billing
Adams, MN
(507) 582-1071
Kevin Hanson
Dept. Manager
(507) 440-7469
Adams, MN
(507) 582-3641
James Yoch
Swine Feed Sales
Oakland, MN
(507) 437-3219
Brent Young
Beef & Dairy Feed Sales
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