Annual Meeting Photos  10/15/20 10:45:30 AM

Northern Country Cooperative's new general manager Jason Schwenneker addresses attendees at the 112th Annual Meeting. Mr. Schwenneker took over managership on September 16, 2020.  9/17/2020
NCC Board of Directors 2020-2021 left to right: Board president David Huper, Northern Country Coop general manager Jason Schwenneker, Tony Arndorfer, James Kellogg, Donald Hofland, Board vice president Alan Akkerman, Rick Smith, Scott Bidne. Directors not pictured: Steve Brumm and Mark Ratigan.  9/17/2020
Northern Country Cooperative's former general manager Scot Janssen and wife, Jody are presented awards by NCC Board President Dave Huper.  Board Secretary Don Hofland is also pictured. 9/17/2020

NCC employees Tony Glab and Gary Dummer assist at the annual meeting. 9/17/2020

Catering staff pictured left to right:     9/17/2020
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